Why we are here

SS St Louis with 937 Jewish passengers

It’s been said, history repeats itself. In the current world climate this couldn’t be more true. More and more, the Middle East and more importantly Europe is on a fast track to repeat the mistakes of 1939. What was 1939 you ask? It was the exclamation mark of disregard of the Jewish people, world wide, that led to the holocaust. The movie “Voyage of the Damned” brings to light the darkness of anti-Semitism when a German ship, and well meaning captain, loaded with escaping Jews was denied disembarkation entry by numerous countries across the Atlantic (including the USA) forcing the refugees back to Europe, where many would die in the Holocaust. That climate has returned to Europe.

BTIM is endeavoring to avoid what happened in 1939 by providing transportation to Israel for those escaping the building terror, for them, in Europe and in other Muslim countries.

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