What Do We Do

So what do we do. We work with a network to rescue, exract and transport Israel’s remnant back home to Israel from areas where the rise in anti-Semitism is becoming dangerous. As volatility increases, land routes from Europe are becoming pretty much voided so the use of boats for transportation has become the means. Currently we have to rent boats, which is costly and can be shut down in a moments notice at some governments’ discretion We are in need of more boats, in the 36M plus size, rigged for sailing to keep costs down. Sailing slows down the enterprise but it gains other stealth advantages. At some point in time we see the access to airports being totally shut down.

We are in need of finances to build the fleet, maintain safe houses and send the rescued off to Israel.  To donate go to . Further questions regarding what we do and how we do it can be addressed privately below.