President Trump: He Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

President Trump Donald Trump causes trouble recognizes Jerusalem as Israel capitalhas gone where no man has gone before, causing trouble, again.  Unlike his predecessors, Trump causes trouble because he has shown the intestinal fortitude to do what should have been done decades ago.  Now the world trembles at the thought that he actually follows through on his promises.  With his recent success with the travel ban to keep Muslim terrorists out of the US he now moves forward in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Continue reading “President Trump: He Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before”

Hitler’s Nazis Never Went Away, They Just Relocated

My special thanks to Jerry Golden for bringing this to our attention.

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Below I’ll have an old video clip that explains some history that we in the states weren’t taught but let’s get some contemporary imagery.  Real life now shows the symbols used by the Palestinians’ in a complete parallel of Nazi Germany. Continue reading “Hitler’s Nazis Never Went Away, They Just Relocated”

Germany to Allow Palestinian Terrorists to Run for Parliament

So, it begins. Germany has avoided any talk of banning the terrorist group PFLP, aka Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. In fact they will allow it as a political party to field candidates for Parliamentary seats. According the Jerusalem Post “candidates from parties and candidates in Germany cannot be banned or allowed by the Interior Ministry in Germany,”… Continue reading “Germany to Allow Palestinian Terrorists to Run for Parliament”