President Trump: He Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

President Trump Donald Trump causes trouble recognizes Jerusalem as Israel capitalhas gone where no man has gone before, causing trouble, again.  Unlike his predecessors, Trump causes trouble because he has shown the intestinal fortitude to do what should have been done decades ago.  Now the world trembles at the thought that he actually follows through on his promises.  With his recent success with the travel ban to keep Muslim terrorists out of the US he now moves forward in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Actually, he is just following the directive of the American people put in place decades ago. In 1995 Congress passed the Jewish Embassy Act of 1995 requiring the Embassy be moved to Jerusalem by May, 1999. But the schmuck presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama refused, claiming executive privilege, because it would hurt their goal of establishing Palestinian rule. Go ahead, scream at me, but it’s true. If the will of the people had not been ignored, the 22 years of manipulation to establish the PLO people as a recognized nation would not have happened.

The so called Palestinians are really nothing more than Arabic cast outs, tied together with long lost Nazis ( see  Nazis Never Went Away, They Just Relocated ) determined to annihilate the Jewish people. While they have no historical right to Jerusalem, they also have a prophetic denial of ownership to the city. Long before the Romans called the land Palestine prophecy was given that the Jews would return to Israel and the Temple would be rebuilt in Jerusalem. All the Palestinians are, in practice, are the Hamas terrorists, blessed by the Gulf states (to do the mischief while they look “peaceful”) to do the work for Islam.

President Trump has gone where no other man has gone (in recent times) because he expects no favors and has no favors to repay. He just has a need to do it. There is much screaming and gnashing of teeth because of this crazy man, though I disagree with the assessment. Now, I’m beginning to see Donald Trump as a sort of Oskar Schindler. Think about it, he’s a philandering schmuck, a businessman, acting out of his element. But, like Schindler, he is being used by God for a certain period of time for the Jewish people, ultimately to protect them from the coming European holocaust.

God does use schmucks for His purpose. Take King Cyrus of Persia for example. He had no religious calling, he ruled with an iron fist, but he did send the Jews back to Israel. Not only to resettle but to rebuild the Temple. And he didn’t send them back empty handed but with the articles of silver and gold that were taken from the original Temple.

The coming Temple of Hashem

The timing of all this is incredible. Jesus, when asked about when, “all this will take place”, responded that “this generation will not pass until these take place” . Israel was partitioned by the UN on Nov 29, 1947, so within a week of the 70th anniversary of this vote President Trump declares that Jerusalem will be recognized as the capital of Israel. On May 14, 2018 Israel will celebrate it’s 70th anniversary as, again, a legal recognized nation.

The question arises, “Why is it important for Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel?”. First off, to put an end to the teetering, the shuffling of feet, the worldwide indecisiveness in regard to committing to peace in the middle east. No position, from the US, has been established by past presidents, just enough verbiage to get re-elected or some money for something. Trump has taken real action, showing real support for Israel. He’s put traction on his words, establishing a rock solid decision. Now the US embassy will be where Israel’s government sits and Israel is one step closer to rebuilding the Temple of God.

The rebuilding of the Temple? Now that’s sure to cause trouble. Without a doubt, mere talk of rebuilding the temple will make the so called Palestinian “days of rage” seem tame.  Yet the Muslim mosque is only their third most important shrine while the Temple mount is Israel’s most important.  A sound secularist could suggest, for the sake of peace and happiness, that the Muslims give it up…..and then their true colors would show.

What a truly exciting time this is that we are in. Prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes. And with that the Jewish persecution will ramp up. With that in mind BTIM needs help with prayers and finances to bring the goal of bringing the Jews home to Israel and avoid the growing European persecution. They have a place to go this time, help us help them to get home where God wants them.